We are pleased to announce that we have now introduced two new food safety qualifications to our fantastic portfolio:

  • QA Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Retail (QCF)
  • QA Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing (QCF)

QA Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Retail (QCF) – Designed to help Learners gain an understanding of the importance of keeping food products safe, this 6 hour qualification is ideal for people working, or planning to work, in a food retail environment, e.g. supermarkets, corner shops or premises with hot and chilled food display counters. It includes how individuals have a personal responsibility for food safety, such as, the importance of personal hygiene, keeping work areas clean and hygienic, food handling practices and keeping food products safe.

QA Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing (QCF) - This 6 hour qualification has been specifically designed for those who work, or intend to work, in a food manufacturing environment, such as, food production operatives who wish to develop their food safety awareness. It covers key aspects of food safety, including the importance of personal hygiene, keeping work areas clean and hygienic, food handling practices and keeping food products safe.

If you would like further information on the above qualifications, please contact Qualsafe Awards on 0845 644 3305 or email us at: info@qualsafeawards.org.



The countdown is now underway for UK’s largest first aid conference- The Qualsafe Future of First Aid Conference 2015.

Returning to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 27th November 2015, the Qualsafe Future of First Aid Conference will provide delegates with exclusive access to the latest first aid changes and best practices to help stay at the forefront of the first aid industry. Throughout the day a selection of dynamic speakers will be bringing their unique insights into a number of fascinating topics, including:

  • The ERC First Aid Guidelines- Setting the Scientific Standard
  • Medication in First Aid- When Life and the Law Collide
  • When is a faint not just a faint- The Sinister Side of Syncope
  • The Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines 2015- The Essential Insight
  • 2015 Summarised- From Paediatrics to Adults

Attendance at this year’s conference will entitle delegates to 6 CPD points, and will provide an excellent opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals.

With last year’s conference selling out in record time, make sure you secure your ticket today to avoid disappointment. Simply call 0845 644 3305 or email us at: info@qualsafeawards.org.

For more information on this year’s speakers and their topics, please visit www.thefutureoffirstaid.com



Did you know that guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and Skills for Health states that from 1st October 2015 all those who assess or quality assure first aid qualifications must hold a formal qualification?

However, regulated first aid qualifications follow the Skills for Health First Aid Assessment Principles, which provide an option for those who don’t hold formal assessing or internal quality assurance qualifications to attend a Continual Professional Development (CPD) training day instead.

Here at Qualsafe Awards we are dedicated to providing the best possible support for our Centres, and as such we are delighted to offer our 1 day CPD event which will cover all the information needed to successfully assess and quality assure regulated first aid qualifications.

Delegates who successfully complete this CPD training day will receive a certificate that is accepted by all Awarding Organisations, making it the ideal solution for those who only assess or quality assure first aid qualifications and a great alternative to completing a longer formal qualification.

What’s more, all attendees will receive 7 CPD points for their attendance and will benefit from the opportunity to network with Qualsafe Awards experts as well as other training organisations.

With our CPD Days being held regularly throughout the UK, please call 0845 644 3305 today to book your place or to find out more information!


The HSE has announced important information about the upcoming changes to first aid training.

New Implementation Date
The proposed implementation date for the new guidance has now been revised to 1st October 2013. Current HSE approvals will end the night before, when either legislative change will take effect or the HSE will put further arrangements in place.

Draft Guidance Published
The new draft guidance places responsibility on employers to do various levels of ‘due diligence’ to ensure that the quality of training meets the legislative requirements as follows:


Quality Assurance Route:

Level of due diligence required by the employer:


Regulated First Aid Qualification accredited by an Ofqual/SQA recognised Awarding Organisation (such as Qualsafe Awards)

No due diligence required.


Training from the Voluntary Aid Societies
(St. John, Red Cross, St Andrews Ambulance)

The draft guidance says that employers may still “wish to undertake some of the elements of due diligence”.


First Aid Association/body affiliation

Full due diligence should be carried out by the employer as “HSE is not in a position to verify the level of assurance” of this route.


Private / independent training provider with no accreditation/affiliation

Full due diligence should be carried out by the employer as “HSE is not in a position to verify the level of assurance” of this route.

Employers Likely to Choose Regulated Qualifications
As you can see from the guidance, choosing regulated qualifications is the only Quality Assurance route that requires no due diligence from employers and therefore the majority are likely to select this route.

Why Act NOW?
Here are the benefits of moving to Awarding Organisation accreditation NOW:
•    Demonstrate to clients that you are already providing the new ‘platinum standard’ in first aid training.
•    Reassure clients that you are well ahead of the changes and they won’t have to do any due diligence – you have it all in hand! Congratulations to them for choosing such a good training provider!
•    Avoid trying to introduce changes at the last minute
•    Save money compared to the current FAW system


Register today by calling 0845 644 3305 or email info@qualsafeawards.org


Below are links to the new guidance:

L74” : http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/geis3.pdf


Selecting a training provider” : http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/geis3.pdf





You may be aware that following the Government's acceptance of the Lofstedt Report, the HSE has now confirmed that the HSE approval system for first aid training providers will end. This will inevitably have a significant impact on the first aid training community and we have already received a large number of queries from concerned training providers. We hope that is information will help to clarify the current position and outline what is likely to happen over the coming months.


For the past 30 years, having HSE approval has allowed independent first aid training providers to illustrate to customers and potential clients that they delivered high quality training to a recognised standard. Without doubt, this has allowed smaller, private training providers to compete with big name brands such as St. John, British Red Cross and St. Andrew's Ambulance.

The team here at Qualsafe are committed to supporting the first aid training community and our aim is to help our customers succeed. Having recognised the importance of HSE approval, we have actively campaigned to protect training providers for many years. However, in recent years it has become increasingly clear that it was no longer a case of if HSE approval would be removed but when.

Deregulation could potentially open the door for large numbers of low quality first aid training providers to enter the market. Unfortunately, any confusion about standards in the independent sector will hand an advantage to organisations such as St. John and Red Cross, whose brand names are generally trusted by employers. It's important therefore that genuine, quality training providers, who are about to lose HSE approval, can replace this with something equally as credible.


When is removal of HSE approval likely to happen?

The HSE have key implementation dates of either April or October. Government ministers are keen to show that they are removing red-tape from the Health and Safety arena and want to see the changes sooner rather than later. Although no date has been confirmed as yet, this could ultimately mean that HSE approval is removed as soon as October 2012 and we think it is unlikely to happen any later than April 2013.



HSE Consultation Process

Whilst the decision to end HSE approval has already been made by the Government, a consultation process is being undertaken to look at how this is implemented. Also being looked at is the guidance provided to employers regarding first aid provision.



Adapting to a Deregulated Environment

Having considered the possible ways that we could support our customers, we came to the conclusion that the most beneficial way forward for independent training providers would be a move to Ofqual regulated qualifications. We know that employers and the HSE already have a high level of confidence in Ofqual regulated qualifications, so this option will allow independent training providers to compete effectively with the big name brands.


For this reason we established Qualsafe Awards as an Ofqual Regulated Awarding Organisation. We wanted to make sure that there is an Awarding body that has real expertise in the first aid training sector - one that would do everything possible to support first aid trainers and provide effective, workable methods of accrediting first aid training with minimum bureaucracy.

Registering with an Ofqual Awarding Organisation means that the qualifications you provide are accredited using a Government approved and nationally recognised system.

Importantly, this system is not complicated or expensive. Currently over 2,000 training providers are delivering Emergency First Aid at Work in this way and many of the 1,235 HSE approved training providers already deliver other qualifications using this method.

With the support of HSE, we have been working closely with the other Awarding Organisations to develop the new First Aid at Work qualification. This should seamlessly replace the current qualification and will be ready before the HSE approval system is removed.


What do I need to do now?

Now is a good time to ensure that all your trainer's records are up to date (including FAW certificates, teaching qualifications, training logs, etc.). These are all things that are already required under HSE approval and will help you to seamlessly transfer over to Awarding Organisation accreditation.


Although the new FAW qualification will not be introduced until later in the year, it is sensible to register as a Centre with an Awarding Organisation in advance. This will ensure that you avoid the rush of applications just before the HSE approval system ends.


I hope that this information is useful for you and that we can support you through these uncertain times.

Kindest Regards,

Nigel Barraclough.

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We are delighted to announce that we are now offering Ofqual accredited qualifications. This is excellent news for both new and existing Qualsafe Awards Centres, who will be able to deliver both our HSE and Ofqual approved qualifications.

To find out more about our Ofqual qualifications, please call our dedicated customer service team on 0845 644 3305 or email us at info@qualsafeawards.org.




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