Quality Management System


The Company has established a Quality Management System (QMS), the purpose of which is to ensure that the Company satisfies its customers and supplies products and services that meet their requirements.

The system is designed to ensure compliance with:
The requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The system has been authorised by the Top Management of the Company.  Support for its implementation and compliance with its procedures and policies is a condition of employment for all employees.

QMS Scope

The scope of Qualsafe Awards’ QMS encompasses:

People: All employees & third party stakeholders

Products and Services: All products and services associated with and resulting from its operations controlled from its premises at:
City View, 3 Wapping Road, Bradford BD3 0ED.

Processes: All internal business support processes and customer service processes.

Quality objectives:

•    To successfully transition our Quality Management System to meet the requirements of the revised ISO 9001:2015 Standard and achieve updated certification by mid-2017.
•    To effectively identify, analyse and monitor risks and opportunities and implement appropriate contingency/action plans to minimise risks and seek to maximise opportunities.
•    To continue to use Key Performance Indicators throughout all parts of the operation to monitor and review operational performance.
•    To continue to maintain compliance with all regulators for the development, delivery and award of regulated qualifications.
•    To continue to be committed to the continual support, training and development of all staff, ensuring performance in their current and future role within the company.
•    To continue to be an equal opportunities business, taking into account the diversity of all our staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.